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"Kashachiy ray"-Moscow

Hotel for cats "Kashachiy ray" - the first club opened in Moscow hotel for cats in one of the oldest clubs in Moscow cat lovers. 

The hotel is located in the resort "Erino" at 15 km from Moscow and, in essence, a "cat's sanatorium" for the following reasons: 
· Picturesque suburban district on the banks of the river Pakhra; 
· Clean air; 
· Large four-level cages (2.5 MX1, 2mh1, 2m); 
· Highlighting each enclosure in case of need; 
· Individual approach to each guest; 
· Realization of all the feeding, according to the card being a guest; 
• availability of all necessary for comfortable living; 
• High level of service and quality of service; 
· Perfect cleanliness and order; 
· Systematic disinfection and steam generator 
    ultraviolet light. 

An important feature of the hotel is that her guests are only a cat.This frees them from the state of stress, which occurs in cats in the universal hospitality, which includes, along with other animals. 

Owning a cat drinks and sweets in a small cozy bar, organized by the hotel.

We are located in the south of Moscow - near sanatorium "Erino" on the bank of the river Pakhra (Podolsk district).

Our phone:

8-499-238-07-75, 8-916-232-99-61, 8-926-155-03-25

You can also get additional information about a hotel or book a room for the cat by e-mail
E-mail: souzrus15@mail.ru

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