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Boarding House-"Druzhok"
Prior to each owner of a dog, the evil or good, great or small, once there is a problem to attach their pet if:

  • want to relax at the resort,
  • invited to visit relatives or friends, and your dog in the number of guests is not included,
  • necessary repairs in the house,
  • no time for your pet, and it grows, it must teach and educate,
  • and many other reasons.

Another category - people do not have dogs that are eager to have them, but by virtue of his employment, and come home late at night and early morning is gone. Take the puppy to such people is simply impossible, it should be fed 3-4 times a day, and he must walk 5-6 times, otherwise it is very difficult to get used to the cleanliness and order at home.

Our friends and acquaintances, knowing that we are working in the nursery "Tehnodog, wondered whether to leave us their dog for a while rearing or departure, we deal with over exposure of dogs.After thinking a bit, we decided to try it: and to help people, and their strength tested.

First in 2003, we got a puppy a month, just from that category, where the owner had the money and desire, but had no time. The puppy was bought very expensive, and at first we were a little nervous: he is refusing, then one does not want to sit. But after a couple of days the puppy accustomed to that "Mom" - a canine that he will live in the house alone, but will visit often to feed, play with him and led the walk.

Two months overexposure puppy passed quickly and our alumnus left. Boss puppy was very happy, the puppy knew leash and collar, was able to walk side by side, knew some of the team, and most importantly: have already had all vaccinations, and he knew the rules of conduct in the house, had hygiene.

The very next day we felt that without our temporary guest became bored, even on dogs (two months they have any patrons, among them), it was noticeable. Some thought, decided to take the next pupil.

This was already an adult male, but disadvantaged attention and care the owners. His bosses did not save the dog, it is well fed, taken to the dacha. But he talked more with the maid, she fed him and brought out into the street, walk. As can be seen at the time her dog was missing. Owners he has seen rarely, and apparently decided that it is not love, bad eating, bad look. He was treated by several doctors, but he remained thin and nervous.

The first thing we showed the dog to our vet, after examining the dog, the doctor said that the dog is completely healthy, and to treat it is not necessary, abolished the dog antibiotics and vitamins are appointed and walks three times a day.

When picked up our second guest, the owners were surprised: The dog recovered, cheered and away from us does not want the issue had already been decided - it is necessary to create a hotel for dogs, but not just a hotel with over exposure of dogs, and BOARDING HOUSE:

  • Good
  • Hands
  • Convenient
  • Housing
  • Excellent
  • Quality
We are pleased to see you among our clients and place a photo of your pet in a directory of boarding house "Drujok" - "Our Guests."

Высокопрофессиональные кинологи, дрессировщики и ветеринар будут ухаживать за вашим питомцем. Мы можем сделать необходимые прививки.

«Дружок» — гостиница для собак на МКАД (Москва), передержка собак, воспитание и подращивание щенков, дрессировка, подготовка к выставкам.
Ваша собака под заботливым присмотром пообщается с другими животными в нашем уютном пансионате, подышит свежим воздухом. Не обижайтесь на нас если вашему питомцу (щенку или взрослой собаке) у нас очень понравится, ведь мы уделяем ему больше внимания - 24 часа в сутки.


Moscow Region, Kotelniki, microdistrict the White Summer residence, an industrial zone Tehnoprom, structure Е




 +7 (495) 550-61-15



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